10 Awesome Visual Content Ideas For Your Business

10 Visual Content Ideas

In the present digital era, content is evolving continuously and Visual Content Marketing is becoming a popular digital marketing strategy. A simple ordinary looking text content will not grab the attention of your targeted customers. You will need to add the extra tinge to your content which will set you apart and ‘visual content’ is the answer to it. The inclusion of visual elements helps to make your content more engaging, appealing and stimulate online growth. There is an increasing use of visual content on social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and others by digital marketers and business owners for their marketing campaigns.

Why visual content plays a pivotal role in the digital marketing strategy?

Think like this, if a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video can be worth at least a couple of million.

Statistics prove that articles with visuals get 94% more views and attracts 3X more links than text-only posts. Most of the times, users just glance at the text-only content. It makes more sense to use the content type with which the audience can relate.

Here are several methods to make your visual content more impressive and increase traffic for your business.

1. Images
2. Videos
3. Memes
4. Infographics
5. Presentations

6. Screenshots
7. Screencast
8. Data Visualizations
9. Inspiring Quote Cards
10. Instructographics

1. Images

Who doesn’t enjoy pictures? We all do right. On a daily basis, we see, like, share and take pictures. Statistics prove 65% of people are visual learners and images can do wonders to your brand and can be rewarding when customers recall your brand on the basis of your visual content.

Images as visual content

When you divide the body of your content between text and images, more people are propelled to read it. You can add a personal touch to your marketing campaign by using high-quality photos taken by you by including behind the scenes photos, product creation images or photos of customers using your service and connect the audience emotionally with your brand. 

Generally, high-quality and attractive images are expensive to purchase but a free tool like Canva helps to design, beautiful images with an easy drag and drop feature. There are also free picture sharing sites like Flickr, Unsplash, Pixabay, Scatter Jar which have numerous and excellent choices of high-quality images.

2. Videos

Videos are the best form of visual content to engage your audience, which generates strong interest in your brand as the audience stays longer on your page. Studies explain that 64% of consumers will make a purchase after watching branded videos (Source: Tubular Insights). This validates the fact that a great video of high quality increases conversions.

There are different types of videos that can boost your business sales and growth – whiteboard videos, explainer videos, demo videos or customer testimonials. Creating videos take a significant amount of time and money, therefore it is necessary that it reflects your brand values and style. You need to be sure about Why, How and Where for making the videos. The video market has a huge potential if used optimally to make your brand visible and appealing. Nowadays with the penetration of content viewing on the mobile, the attention span is shorter than before, therefore shorter videos tend to perform better than longer ones.

3. Memes

Memes are quite common amongst the younger demographic as a form of entertainment. They are images with humorous captions and have gained traction online as they are liked and shared largely by the millennials.

Meme Visual Content

Memes are ‘easy and quick to create’ form of visual content. Before making them a part of your digital marketing strategy, understand whether they are appropriate for your brand and business. Are they suitable for your industry? If your target audience is  youth, then you might hit the right button with your humorous content and engaging images.

4. Presentations

Presentations can be a good way of visual content if you want to share knowledge about your product or service in a brief and detailed way rather than a lengthy text. Sites like Slideshare help to expand the reach of your business by promoting your presentations to a worldwide audience.

Presentations can be engaging when visual aids (images, graphics, video links, screenshots) are used along with the text content. The design, color, and font used make them look attractive and draw the attention of the reader.

We have created a visually-compelling PowerPoint template with 50 amazing slides to save you hours on your next presentation. You may download this FREE PowerPoint template here!

5. Screenshots

Do you have an online business – An app, a website, or an online service? Well, screenshots are a very effective and informative form of visual content. They may not be snazzy as other visual content pieces but very useful.

Here’s an example of how Tripadvisor uses screenshots to promote its mobile app:

Screenshots as Visual Content

Screenshots provide a glimpse into the techniques and ways to use your software, app or web pages. You can highlight the features for better understanding and provide a step by step guide. It is used in an educational or tutorial post. Not only can you flaunt your products or services on social media platforms but you can also showcase customer testimonials. Studies tell us 88% of people trust customers reviews and determine the quality of the business.

Skitch is a free tool that will help you snap, mark up and share screenshots in a jiffy!

6. Screencasts

Screencast is a video recording that captures the action on your computer screen with an audio narration which is useful while demonstrating the use of software, operating systems or website features. It is a type of instructional video and a great way to teach any idea.

Here’s an example of a screencast demonstrating the types of folders available in Dropbox Business:

Screencasts are highly helpful in training, tutorials or presentations. There are  a few free tools available to build and share screencasts like screencast-o-matic and screecast.com.

7. Data Visualization

In simple words, data made visual can be interesting. Sometimes reading only data with facts and figures can be boring but if they are supported with stunning visuals then it can become more compelling. The visual graphic can simplify a large amount of data with lots of information and numbers.

Data Visualization

Visual content basically helps the audience understand a tricky topic or idea better than throwing numbers and information in a plain text (49% of people understand visual information more than plain text).

Just understand the purpose of creation: how to present the data in a simplified way? How to make numbers look interesting – a graph or diagram or charts or maps? A stunning data visualization can help the audience understand the numbers and information quickly.

8. Instructographics

Instructographics are basically visuals with instructions on ‘How to do’s’. They are images or videos that give you step by step instructions on how to complete a task. They are perfect to help you with life hacks, DIY projects, recipes or beauty tips. Pinterest is the preferred social media platform for such instructographics. It has ample creative ideas shared and uploaded by users. Creating instructographics can be an amazing marketing strategy to improve traffic to your site or blog.

Here’s an example of a video instructograph:

Instagram – a popular photo and video sharing platform allows you to share your product/service stories in real-time using hashtags. This helps to promote your brand and engage customers with your visual content. You can also have live videos for your cooking recipes and establish a personal and interactive session with your followers. Try out these DIY online tools to create your own instructographic – PicmonkeyPiktochart, or Canva.

At Visual Deck, we can help businesses with professional instructographics at a flat monthly rate!

9. Inspiring Quote Cards

We all have our favorite quotes or sayings and they are a reflection of our personal beliefs and thoughts. Similarly, every brand has its own mission and values which reflects in their business quote cards.

Here’s an example of a quote card for the fitness industry:

Be Stronger Than Your Excuses

Business quote cards are easy to create and a great form of visual content. A combination of right quote and image can be a treat to the eyes and can be highly shareable content. Quote cards are used to educate readers, create humor, showcase values, or form a connection with the audience.

10. Infographics

One of the most interesting and informative forms of visual content if done the correct way. It is a perfect tool to summarize all your complex information into an easy and comprehensive way and can include data, statistics, facts in the most interesting and simplified way.

As a digital marketer, you need to decide whether infographics can enhance your brand value and balance the content nicely. You should not clutter it with a lot of information but present it in a crisp and dynamic way. The layout, design, color, fonts, and content should be impactful to bring out the essence of the infographic.

Here’s an infographic for this blog post “10 Awesome Visual Content Ideas For Your Business”:

10 Visual Content Ideas For You

Share this Image On Your Site

Infographics are quickly noticeable, read and shared on social media and blogs. Higher the shares, higher the publicity and brand awareness. Alternatively, share a thumbnail size infographic on social media and link it to your site for the full image to increase traffic and solve size restrictions.

Some of the DIY online tools to make infographics are Canva, Piktochart, Vennage to name a few. However, if you’re looking for a reliable service to create amazing infographics, Visual Deck can help! Try us out 100% risk-free today!

Wrapping It Up

A creative and engaging infographic can increase your website traffic. It is time to implement the ideas to know the result for yourself. You can reach out to the excellent team of Visual Deck to get your infographics done the right way! Try us out with a 14-day risk-free trial!

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