8 Types of Visual Content You Need To Boost Your Online Presence

8 Types Of Visual Content To Boost Your Online Presence

Ever wondered what type of visual content to use in your website, or blog?

This article here will explain the different kinds of visual content that is out there, and the best ways of using them to draw more attention to your content. Let’s dive in straight away!

1. Images

A standard example of visual content, it’s inevitably there in almost every content that you see online. Use it to highlight and explain your text matter. Also, use it as a welcome break in-between text. 

Use images to highlight and explain your text.

Research shows that people tend to read more content if its interspersed with images, and articles with images get 94% more views than text articles. Use high quality licensed images which will align with your brand’s image and focus.

2. Videos

Videos are a much better way to publish blogs, or vlogs, as it’s called, than plain text. Interviews, reviews etc. will be more effective in video format. A study shows that having a video on the landing page of a website increases the conversion rate by 86%

Here’s an explainer video we created for our company:

There are multiple types of videos, like explainer videos, animated video, interviews, travelogue etc. Home-made, behind-the-scenes videos can bring in a personal touch to play on the audience’s emotions. Based on what your content is, choose the appropriate video type.

3. Quote Graphics

Quote graphics help you bring your favorite quotes to life with a combination of graphics and text. Other than providing context to the quote, quote graphics help you tell a story and add spice to your content.

Here’s an example of a quote graphic:

Inspiring quotes, with the right fonts and colors, can also be used against an image, to create an emotion in your audience, thereby motivating them to take action towards your brand or product.

4. Infographics & GIFographics

Infographics are a great way to put complex statistics and data into a visually attractive and comprehensible display without intimidating your readers. Market research has it that infographics get shared 4X more than any other type of content.

Here’s an infographic on why your business needs visual content:

Gifographics are a combination of GIFs and Infographics. These are like millennial version of infographics. These combine the power of infographics with the high shareability percentage of GIFs.

5. Data driven visuals

Data driven charts and graphs

Data driven content is self-explanatory and has enough weightage to stand alone without any accompanying jazz. Use charts and graphs with clear indicators to convey numbers to the right audience, rather than have it all in text.

6. Memes

Meme by Visual Deck

Memes can be used to bring in a lighter mood to your article. Memes using the current events create a lot of buzz on social media. If you use it with the right hashtags on twitter, it can even get viral very quickly.

7. Presentations

Adding presentations to sites like SlideShare increases the visibility of your website or blog. Presentations converted to pdf format can be shared on sites like Issuu, Scribd etc to reach out to a large number of people.

This gains a lot of traction for your website and also helps it rank higher in SEO searches.

8. Mock-ups

A mock-up is a scale or full-size model of a design generally used for demo or design evaluation. Mockup templates of your services with a place holder for users to enter their designs or text can be used for online advertising and drawing customers.

Also, rather than using just screen shots as a visual content in training materials and blog posts, use them as a mock up in laptop screens, or mobile screens to make it more aesthetically appealing and reader friendly.

Wrapping It Up

Here’s a quick summary of this blog post:

Visual content engages your readers on various levels to draw them towards your brand and message. If you create various types of high quality visual content on a regular basis that resonates with your readers and users, your brand’s reach and recall is sure to keep growing manifold.

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