Top 5 Sources To Find Beautiful Fonts For Free

Different fonts can emote different messages on your blog or website much more than mere words with a standard typeset. Fonts are the digital equivalent of body language, used to communicate a subtle, yet impactful statement to your readers.

The world has now moved on from the standard Times Roman, Arial fonts to much more elaborate and expansive font sets. There are sites where you can purchase such fonts at a premium monthly amount. For small businesses on a tight budget, this may not always be possible. Hence, this blog post to point you towards the 5 best sites to download free fonts to impress your readers and gently sway them using the font-tricks!

The world’s biggest search engine, of-course it is also a good repository of a large number of font families. All the fonts here are open sourced, so they can be downloaded and used commercially as well.

A unique site which groups fonts based on their theme, like logo fonts, sports fonts, holiday themed fonts etc. Do check their usage rights though as not all fonts here come with commercial licenses.

Another great site with a good number of fonts, this too offers commercial and free usage fonts. This site also has a cool Web-font Generator and a Font Identifier to create new fonts, or identify fonts from image uploads.

This site has a huge collection of over 38,000 fonts, many of which are free, and can also be used commercially. The fonts are clearly labelled to identify the usage rights on them.

What’s popular for designers showcasing their work, and sharing it with others, a social media of sorts, is also a place to grab some free fonts. Designers put up free samples of many of their work, including free fonts, which you can use for free. But be sure to read the licensing agreement for commercial use.

Wrapping It Up

Free fonts can save you a lot of time, money, and energy while improving your designs dramatically. With all these free font resources available to you, why not start working on your next visual marketing campaign today!

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