Top Free Sites To Submit and Promote Your Content

Top Free Sites To Submit and Promote Your Content

Content Submission is an effective off page SEO technique to get quality backlinks to your website or blog. Below are a few benefits of submitting content to various sites online:

  1. Boost Traffic: With the help of Article Submission, you can get traffic to your website or blog with the links you provided in the author bio box or article content. Make sure that the link is not included in the main body of the article. You can also share or repost on different social media platforms to get more traffic.

  2. Free Online Marketing: Without using Google AdWords or paid ads, you can attract visitors to your site which is the main purpose of using submission sites.

  3. Build Credibility: Article Submission sites allows you to describe yourself and business in the bio section. Use keywords to describe your business products or services along with the link to your website or blog. The more the number of readers, the more credibility your brand will gain.

  4. Generate leads: Article Submission helps to generate leads for your business. If you do not have a dedicated website and looking way to get your brand to reach your target audience, article submission can help you. Also, article submission sites help to rank better on SERP, increase brand awareness and improve your online presence in search engines Bing or Google.

Here is the list of sites to submit your blog articles:

  1. It is a site where anyone can share a story on any topic and the best ones will be published and delivered to the readers. Example, Drum up posts snippets of the full blog post on medium and then to read full article direct the users to the website.

  2. The best platform offered by  Google and ranked no.1 when it comes to submission sites. Create your own page and add your content frequently and Google will add your articles in search within a few days. Make use of keywords properly for searchers to find you.

  3. One of the best place for Q&A and learn and share world knowledge. You can publish any relevant question and answer descriptively.

  4. Create your own blog and share valuable content with the network of publishers. Find and follow things your love.

  5. Create and submit your content and gain massive exposure. It is a content sharing platform where writer and business gets a chance to reach a wider audience. Share original and knowledgeable content to get traffic on your website or blog and grow business.

  6. Submit the best quality original articles in any genre for exposure, credibility, and traffic back to your website. There are many expert authors who share their articles and allows email newsletter publishers who are looking for fresh content to find articles and publish in their newsletter.

  7. With 23,000 writers, one of the best content marketing platform. It helps to drive more traffic, leads and sales with content.

  8. An article directory and marketplace where visitors can view the spread of articles on varied topics on their homepage easily.

  9. It is an online article search engine and website where you can search a major article website on the web. Experts and talented authors can submit their articles for content marketing.

  10. Threadwatch: A platform where users can submit articles in any categories and drive traffic to their website.

  11. Reprintable articles for websites and newsletters.

  12. A1Articles: Article Directory and a platform to share your content across categories and promote your site or business for free.

  13. Article Geek: A free online article directory for both authors and publishers. It is a content sharing platform where articles submitted are promoted and viewed often which in return helps to get traffic to your site. It provides publishers, editors, and webmasters free website content in the form of copyright free articles.

  14. Submit and Retrieve articles free and with high exposure. The article submitted should have links to your site or resource. They manually look at each article and trim it accordingly if too many links are included.

  15. It is a free article directory where authors, publishers, and readers meet.

  16. Submit, find, and reprint articles for free. A one-stop source for articles.

  17. Streetarticles: Share your content to get ranked, gain visibility and traffic and promote your brand. Submit articles in different categories with thumbnails.

  18. Small business related articles and information.

  19. Articlebliss: Free article directory with over 17,000 authors submitting great articles. Submit your quality articles after signing up and validation of your new account.

  20. A platform for internet marketing and to post articles get in touch with the admin for further process by e-mail.

  21. An article publishing site allowing authors to showcase their work, promote it and get free exposure.

  22. Hubpages: A platform for enthusiasts of writing and an open community for writers and knowledge seekers, it is an interactive and informative platform by using images, videos or words.

  23. Ehow: It gives practical solutions to problems and encourages to submit articles related to the maker movement.

  24. Sign up and submit articles to promote to webmasters and publishers and share knowledge with the world.

  25. ArticlesBD: Read and Submit articles free online.

  26. Easy-Articles: A free article distribution service that provides services like free article submission, sample articles, and article writing tips.

  27. Articalization: Be a part of the writers and readers community and share your thoughts and creativity by submitting your article.

  28. Articleswrap: Top article submission directory and article search engine for those looking for specific information. When you submit your article, it is syndicated across the globe and drives traffic to your website.

  29. Openarticle: A knowledge warehouse where articles in different categories are published round the clock. Sign up and submit your quality articles.

  30. Insertarticles: Submit high-quality articles across categories.

  31. Goarticle: From business news to Sports, submit your article and get it published.

  32. uPublish: It connects article writers with publishers and readers interested in quality content online and offline.

  33. Goyourstory: The platform is for everyone who wants to share their story or content on startups, entrepreneurs, small business, research, business ideas, app reviews or others.

  34. Netezine: A distinct platform for article publishing is managed by a team of authors, editors, publishers and IT professionals Each article posted is verified for its uniqueness, grammar, and quality. Their motto is ‘Express, Educate and Promote’.

  35. Assentarticle: Submit your quality content for huge exposure. It is an online article directory where people get the opportunity to post their articles and blogs.

  36. Area19Delegate: A platform for bloggers of Z age and the blog centers on digital marketing for small business and startups. Submit articles as a Guest blogger or write for them for more exposure and online presence.

  37. WEsrch: A platform to share and submit unique articles and presentations.

  38. Articlepole: Free article Submission directory and publishing content.

  39. Amazines: They offer free articles, web content and feeds submitted by the network of registered authors. Registered authors are able to submit articles for distribution and access to the article database.

  40. Playbuzz: Authoring Platform for Interactive Storytelling. It is a Disney backed storytelling platform used by premium brands worldwide.

Here is the list of sites to submit your infographics:

  1. Visually : Allows you to create, analyze and submit your infographic.

  2. Infographic Review: A submission site with a review system that judges the quality and authenticity of your data presented in the infographic.

  3. Slideshare: Share and Discover knowledge on LinkedIn SlideShare. Upload presentations, PDF’s and Documents publicly and privately.

  4. Fast Company: There is no submit option but can contact the editor directly to get your infographic featured.

  5. Infographics Showcase: Collection of the best infographic and data visualization. Connect to the editor and they will be in touch soon.

  6. Infographic Bee: Discover and submit infographic creations for free.

  7. Infographaholic: It is one of the highest traffic infographic directories web which features infographic on various topics.

  8. Daily Infographic: Learn something new every day as it features a new infographic every single day. Every submission gets a couple of thousand views.

  9. Cool Infographics: It highlights some of the best infographic and data visualizations.Submit your infographic by using the Contact form and send a link to the original piece which is audience appealing and thought-provoking.

  10. NerdGraph: Submit your infographic for free and if it passes the review process, the administrators will add it to the homepage.

  11. Infographic Journal: A blog and infographic company solely focuses on showcasing the best infographic.

Points to remember:

  • Adhere to the guidelines of the submission site.
  • Create original and quality content.
  • The article should be informative than promotional.
  • Use appropriate keywords and the keyword density should not be more than 3-5%.
  • Track your submissions with Yahoo Site Explorer to see that the sites have not scraped your content or dumped your links.

Wrapping It Up

Submission sites are useful to boost traffic and online presence if done correctly. Always check the authenticity of the site as content theft across the web is common.

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