Ultimate Guide To May Social Media Content Calendar

May Social Media Content Calendar

Celebration brings people closer and holiday-related content on social media is always a great win for any brand as it generates awareness and engaging conversations with the audience around the world.

What Is A Social Media Content Calendar?

The most helpful tool for your social media marketing. Imagine, you are the owner of a Pizza joint and it’s #NationalPizzaDay. A customer walks in and enquires about the Pizza Day and you look clueless. This is embarrassing!

Well, not your fault. You are unaware of the world of social media and busy running a successful business.

Therefore, social media content calendar will help you to plan and schedule all your content in advance. Just like any other regular content scheduled, you will decide what to publish and where to publish, of course tailoring the content specific to the social media platform.

Why Social Media Content Calendar?

May Calender

Often we hear from business owners who are struggling to grow business online, ‘what should I post on social media?’. Therefore, there has to be a consistent posting schedule to avoid the decline of organic reach. A social media content calendar will help you to not miss out on any social media holidays (#NationalDogDay or #ReceptionistDay) or ‘actual’ holidays (Thanksgiving or New Years). It will help you to plan in advance and not miss out on opportunities to engage with your audience and increase your brand value.

Why Holidays Are Important To Make Social Media Posts?

You must be wondering why is so much importance given to holiday social media posts?  Holiday posts receive more likes, shares, and comments than any other posts. For business owners, holidays are opportunities to increase social media engagement and make a positive post with best wishes apart from regular company or industry news. Another advantage of posting unique, relevant and consistent content is the increase in engagement rate and followers.

Now it’s time to get to the list of holidays to celebrate May 2019 and plan in advance.

What's Included In This Article

The following are included in this article for  May Social Media content ideas:

  • A reference guide celebrating Social media and National Holidays for the month of May.
  • An overview of May social media ideas – how to make creative posts and share them. I have also presented an idea to make social videos.

Strategies To Prepare For May Month Content In Advance

It is a tedious work to create visual content for month after month but if your content calendar is in place, it can save you time. Below are some key strategies to create a month’s content and roll out on the scheduled time.

Template Design

Template Design

Do not invest your time and energy in creating designs every time. Instead, use readily available templates designed by professionals or hire an expert like Visual Deck who can guide you.

Image and Video Creation

Image & Video Creation

If you are creating video and images for a particular holiday then create in a bunch for other holidays too. This will save time and is much easier in one go as you have all the tools and resources ready.

Short Videos

Short Videos

The attention span of the audience is short and therefore create videos which deliver the message and are not more than 1-2 minutes.

Memes _ Quotes

Different Types Of Visuals

Memes, Quote, GIF or Inspirational cards which are light, humorous and motivating can get you immediate attention and engagement.



Use an appropriate hashtag for the holiday and will be discovered by a large number of people in their search.

May Social Media Holidays & Ideas (With Hashtags & Dates)

May 01: May Day

Also known as International Labor Day. You can honor the hardworking laborers in your company by creating a video of behind the scenes or make a post by acknowledging their contributions with images.

May 02: World Password Day

This day falls on the 1st Thursday of May and raises awareness about the need for good passwords.

May 03: Space Day

This day is observed on the 1st Friday of May in the dedication of extraordinary achievements in the exploration and use of space. You can create a video to honor the work of astronauts and others related to space.

May 04: Star Wars Day

The brands channelize their inner fanboy moment by celebrating it. The brand can incorporate the theme of Star Wars with their product and present it as a video, quiz, images or meme.

May 05: World Laughter Day

This day is celebrated on the 1st Sunday of May every year. It’s celebrated worldwide to raise awareness about laughter and its many healing benefits.

May 06: National Nurses Day

Celebrate the people who serve many lives as a medical professional and takes care of the sick and helpless.

May 07: National Teachers Day

Express gratitude to all the teachers and mentors and pay ode to them. Also, you can share your lessons and stories related to your product and ask your customers to do the same.

May 08: World Ovarian Cancer Day

Ovarian Cancer awareness day for women.

Also, it is a  National Receptionist Day to celebrate your staff. Share a few pictures of your staff with your audience to give an insight into the culture of your workspace.

May 09: Europe Day

Fashion brands, travel business or food joints can use this day to post images inspired by European style.

May 10: Clean Up Your Room Day

Time to tidy up your place and remove unwanted things.

May 11: Eat What You Want Day


It is one of the days where cheat meals are allowed and say bye to your diet.

To add to the fun it is National Limerick Day where brush up your puns to celebrate humor with epic poetry of the people and share it on social media platforms.

May 12: Mother’s Day (US & Australia)

Give a shout out to all mothers at home or at work and celebrate them by hosting thoughtful giveaways and trending hashtags.

May 13: World Cocktail Day

A global celebration of cocktails.

May 14: International Dylan Thomas Day

All the literature enthusiasts, it’s the day to celebrate the life and achievements of Welsh poet Dylan Thomas by sharing his images, work events or on social media.

May 15: International Day Of Families

If family bonding is important to your brand, then throw an event that brings loved ones together. Promote it weeks before the event across social media platforms and on the D-day celebrate it.

Celebrating little things together as a family like eating, brushing or playing can strike a chord with your audience. Your content for the campaign should be relevant and it will work wonders on social media.

National Chocolate Chip day: Double the celebration relishing chocolate chip with family and double the joy. #ChocolateChipDay

May 16: Love A Tree Day

If Trees play a role in your brand then this day is for celebration. Engage your audience in a conversation in a form of Q&A in particular to tree reference.

If you are a children brand, share captured moments and story of children with nature or if you are a florist or wedding stylist, capture it through images and present it in a creative way giving insight into your brand.

May 17: Endangered Species Day

Raise awareness to protect endangered species and their habitats.

May 18: International Museum Day

An annual global celebration coordinated by the International Council of Museums.

May 19: May Ray Day

Summers are approaching and time to enjoy in the outdoors and soak in the sun.

May 20: National Rescue Dog Day

If dogs play a role in your brand then call all the dog lovers to share the images of their favorite breed. Also, organize a giveaway campaign for all the pet lovers who would rescue a dog and adopt them.

May 21: National Memo Day

Do not forget to note the day!

May 22: Sherlock Holmes Day

Be the Sherlock of your brand to unravel the mystery on how to create customer engagement. Be creative!

May 23: World Turtle Day

Raise awareness about turtles and protect them.

May 24: National Scavenger Hunt Day

Celebrate Scavenger Hunts with Giveaways. Example, Run Eat Repeat gained a lot of traction with the Running Scavenger Hunt Challenge for their audience.

May 25: National Wine Day


Search for a funny wine GIF and enjoy a drink.

May 26: World Dracula Day

I’ll leave this one to your imagination.

May 27: Memorial Day (U.S)

Remembering and honoring the persons who died while serving the nation.

May 28: Hamburger Day

All the burger joints can come up with a creative social media campaign. You can give an insight into the kitchen or behind the scenes where your customers ask questions and you answer it.

May 29: Paperclip Day

Honoring the curved wires that keep our papers together.

May 30: World MS Day

Share stories and raise awareness for everyone affected by multiple sclerosis.

May 31: World Heat Awareness Day

Numerous fatalities are accounted for due to heat exhaustion and dehydration. Provide heat safety tips.

Tips For Using May Social Media Ideas

  1. Create a social video about the holiday in question. Create a video giving an insight into the brand, behind the scenes details or a simple tutorial or animated visuals.
  2. Create humorous but informative memes or GIF for any holiday.
  3. Create an image with text for that holiday which reflects the celebration day
  4. Create quote cards, saying, tips or photos about the holiday in question.

Wrapping It Up

What do you think, which May marketing Idea suits your brand? Whichever way you opt for your holiday campaign, you will give a boost to your marketing.

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